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"Cate Tomlinson is the latest and greatest to land on our radar, and for good reason. It’s always exciting when an artist places a specific purpose behind their work. In this case, it’s Cate's ability to make original music."

-Keep Walking Music, on EP "Missing" 

"While musically, [Before I Lose You] is bold and electro-tinted, Tomlinson manages to keep a certain honesty within her voice that bleeds through the chiffon-like pop to give way to her singer-songwriter roots”

-Gig Goer 

"Cate's lush vocals and songwriting skills are beautifully backed by a catchy pop production with stacked harmonies, cool guitar riffs, and an infectious pop hook."

-Ceasar Live N Loud, on "Let You In"

Cate Tomlinson is a 20 year old independent singer, songwriter, and producer based out of San Francisco and Boston. Inspired by pop, electro, and rock, her debut EP "Missing" released last August, followed by single "Good Days" in October. Tomlinson is currently working to develop her sound at Northeastern University as a music industry major, and plans to release new projects in the coming weeks.